South African Charity Cycle Part 1

Back in 2006 a group of brave cyclists braved the South African Terrain in order to raise money and awareness for the HIV Abandoned Babies & Infants Trust. In an attempt to cycle 320km in just one day it was quite the undertaking. Here are their experiences for anyone thinking about tackling a major ride anytime soon.

Well, to be honest, the Charity Cycle was a big red carrot put in front of me by some silly training mates in October 2006. I mean who in their right mind would want to cycle 320km and spend 11hrs on the smallest most uncomfortable seat known to man! But the excitement and challenge of it was too much, so 5 training mates and I signed up with another 20 crazy cyclists to do what seemed the biggest challenge of my life. The aspect of raising money for charity was also a great incentive and I was luckily sponsored the entrance fee by friends and family.

We need to realise that It’s not often that you get the chance to be part of something meaningful which will benefit others, while achieving something so challenging! The fact that our training group had started our base training for the 2007 Ironman triathlon was an added benefit and slotting 320km into your weekly training roster, was a big plus, not to mention something that not many people have done before! I am not going to go on with how the day unveiled and how tough or exciting the route from Little Switzerland to Durban is, that is something that each and every rider needs to find out and experience for themselves. However it was the biggest sporting challenge I have ever undertaken in my life, yes bigger then both Ironman events I’ve done or competing at World Tri Champs. The 320 Charity Cycle is not a race, nor a ride, no not even an event, but it’s an experience that you can’t pass up!

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