South African Charity Cycle Part 3

I Started out by running the Comrades Marathon in 1980 because some mates were involved. Thought I would do another one so that I had an UP and a DOWN to my name but somehow kept going until the year 2000. My times in these 21 runs a were between 6 hours 3 minutes and 7 hours 31 minutes (the first one). During this time I represented KZN on the road and cross country and received both Natal and SA colours. An arthritic knee put an end to my running career but cycling offered an excellent way of staying fit, healthy and competitive. I had stated cycling in the late 80’s mainly to take part in Duathlons and the PMB-Durban race (before it was known as the Amashova). I then took to cycling more seriously in the late 90’s when it was apparent that my running career was coming to an end. I have been lucky enough to have done quite well as an age grouper and have KZN colours for cycling.

We are very blessed in KZN with beautiful weather and landscapes. Cycling is diverse and you can choose between a fast ride to Ballito on the road bike or a more backbreaking ride on a mountain bike through sugar cane valleys and rivers to Ballito and back. I chose on Saturday the 15th of December 2007 a mountain bike ride that changed my perception about myself and about people around me to a great extent.

We left early dawn, the sun just smiling to announce a beautiful blessed day for those who had the courage to attempt the usual 70km ride to Balito through the sugarcane. (Tongaat Hulett recently granted licenses to the local riders, and we can now ride on more than 150Kms of dirt roads without the fear of a fast black Volkswagen Polo bumping you from the road or a slow heavy vehicle infringing into the yellow line robbing you of your life. Thanks to Tongaat Hullett). We had a stunning ride. Life was blessed and this was the way to live!

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